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The Creative Process

  How an idea becomes a product

Step One: The Consultation
Amber meets with the client to discuss the project and its goals. The "Design Brief Form" is filled out. An estimate is presented and approved by the client. Quick sketches and brainstorming with the client may occur at this stage. Work on the project begins with a deposit of one-third of the final project total.
Step Two: Research
Amber takes the information provided by the client and conducts her own research and analysis. This ensures that the project is modern, competetive, and reaches the client's target audience and exceeds their expectations.
Step Three: Creativity and Mock-Ups
Step three is where the creativity begins. Rough layouts or detailed mock-ups of the project are generated for the client to choose from. Amount of mock-ups and revisions are dictated at the beginning of the project. The second payment of one-third of the final project total is due upon delivery of the mock-ups.
Step Four: Client Approval and Revisions
After being presented with rough artwork and mock-ups to choose from, the client chooses a design and suggests any revisions that are needed. After revisions are made, the designs are resubmitted for client approval.
Step Five: Approval and Delivery of Final Design
In the final step, the design is refined for final output and submitted to the client for approval in writing. Final deliverables (disks, files, proofs, artwork) are transferred to the client upon payment of the remaining balance. The printing process begins if printing services are provided. All printing requires a 50% deposit.